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Our cannabis flowers having reached maturity under the Friborg sun, they had to accompany, at least in one of its forms, the good cheese dishes of our region. It is on this bet that the “Digestive” infusion from DAM Swiss was born.
It is the essential ally of the good atmosphere during your fondue and raclette evenings.
Your aunt from the far-off country where cheese is not king pouting at the fate of post-fondue bloating? Swap a cup of “Digestive” for a fork of cheese!
Don’t want to be the first to stall with raclette? Don’t worry: a little “Digestive” infusion, and it’s off again for a new batch!
This infusion is composed of a blend of organic lemon balm, mint, fennel and thyme, and our strain of CBD “Afghan” specially used for our range of teas / infusions.

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CBD rate: 15%
THC rate: <0.99%
100% Swiss Product

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